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Masonry Camp, June 2001, Swan Island, Maine

With Michael Greenstreet, Chris McGrath, Tom DeAlexandro, Jason Buckley, and Rob Harter

In the summer of 2001, I was selected to attend Masonry Camp, a camp run by the International Masonry Institute on Swan Island, Maine. Here, bricklayers and architects work together to learn each others' trades, and develop an appreciation for each others' work. The week culminates in a design project, with the architects and bricklayers working together on every phase of the project. The photographs show the final built project: A fireplace and bookshelf with adjacent walkway that was to be part of a cafe / bookstore for Swan Island. We tried to mix terrazzo, stone, and a few different brick bond patterns, without becoming chaotic. Overall, this was a wonderful experience.

For more information, see the IMI Website.

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