Wood | Masonry | Acrylic | Thesis

Portable Mountain Housing, Master's Thesis, May 2002 | Advisor: Bill Hubbard Jr.

This thesis proposes the design of portable housing for use in scientific research applications in remote locations. Currently, remote research is conducted from tents or other portable shelters. Larger, more hospitable structures are often too heavy or bulky to carry to these locations. This thesis proposes a shelter that is lightweight, packable, and biodegradable.

The shelter is constructed of cardboard panels and beams, which can easily be left to decompose in most environments, or can be recycled after use. The shelter is meant to last only for one season (up to six months), and then be recycled. The shelter requires upkeep on a weekly basis to maintain its waterproofness, and responds to the climatic changes of its surroundings by opening or closing as temperature and conditions warrant. It is, hopefully, much more livable than a tent.

The images show the proposed design in its site; the assembly sequence of the shelter; the bits and pieces used to make up the shelter, including the pack of panels, and mockups of the feet and windows; and finally an image of the full scale model built for the final review.

Click here for the full thesis book. Caution: 13 MB of images on this page.