Gallery from 2001

I was lucky enough to spend parts of two successive summers in France. Here are the stories.

The second summer I went to France primarily for the wedding of my very good friend Marion. I was in desperate need of funding for that trip. So here's what I did, or _The Story of my Domain Name_:

Last year, when I bought my computer, I bought a domain name, so I
could have my own website. The name I chose was '',
ossature (as Marion knows, since it's of French origin) being an
obscure word, out of use in the English language, meaning skeleton, or
the structural skeleton of a building. (Thus the relevance to my work
as an architect.)

Anyway, all was well and good, I had some pictures on it, nothing
special, when along comes this Dutch company, IsoTis. They ask me
"Would you like to sell your domain name? We are trademarking a
product called ossature which is a calcium-based superglue for bones,
and we really want"

So, being devious, I reply to them: "Well, I have been running my
lucrative architecture and design practice from this web site. I will
sell it to you, but it will be expensive for me to have to waste time
redoing my website, and potentially losing clients. Not to mention
all the wasted letterhead and business cards that say 'ossature'"
(Slight exaggerations, you understand.)

They reply: "We will happily buy you new letterhead and such, and pay
for you to hire an intern to do all the web work for you." I say "I
don't want to barter in such piddling sums. Let's set a flat fee.
How about $2000? I'm sure that's fair, and if I actually itemize the
costs it will come out much higher." (I'm such a good liar.)

They say "Yes!" Ha! So two grand to me. So I get to go to France
for someone's wedding. And fix my car. And buy a swanky new digital
camera, which you will all see at the wedding. I'm very happy. And
they're happy. So all is right in the world.

I have a new web site, with nothing much on it yet. If you'd care to
check it out, you can look at:

opifice is another, even more appropriate obscure word, meaning:

The doing or making of a work; construction, workmanship; a fabric, a

Point of the story: I'll see you both in France.


This story received rave reviews. From my good friend Eric Norris, the poet:

"Has anyone told you you are an astonishing person today?

If not, then let me be the first.

The Ossature story is wonderful.