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Works in Wood: Two Tables

With thanks to Chris Dewart and Zach Kramer

In my spare time, I like to build furniture. Here are two examples of my work. The first table was built as part of a furniture making class at MIT, taught by Chris Dewart. It was designed for my mother, a schoolteacher; the double-decker system was used so she could store her paperwork out of sight, and have room for pictures and keepsakes on top. The second table is a computer table designed for myself. It was designed around two criteria: It had to be inexpensive, so it was built out of run of the mill parts from Home Depot; and it had to fit through a 28" porthole, so the entire table disassembles and lays flat. It is kept from racking by the chain & turnbuckle tension members. One critic suggested I should use copper tubes to sleeve the threaded rods, but the rough edges come in quite handy for scratching my feet.